Which Side of the Overgrip Should I Use?

If you’re new to applying overgrips to your racket, you might be wondering which side of the overgrip you should use.

The quick answer: For most overgrips, the side with the plastic covering strip should be on the outside. However, some overgrips can be used on both sides which we’ll talk about in this post.

Does It Matter Which Side?

It depends.

Some overgrips like the Tourna Grip can be used either side, but most overgrips are designed to be used on only one side (e.g. Wilson Pro and Yonex Overgrap).

For grips that are designed to be used on only one side, the side with the plastic covering should be on the outside. Some overgrips also have a little adhesive tag at the end which indicates that side should be the inside.

If you happen to prefer the opposite side of the overgrip then go ahead! Most people will prefer the side that was designed to be used, but there’s nothing stopping you from using the other side if that’s what you prefer.

Tourna Grips: You Can Use Both Sides!

Tourna Grips are a popular overgrip with a dry feel to them, ideal for when you’re hands are sweaty.

Whilst Tourna Grips aren’t the most durable of overgrips, one of the great things about them is that you can use both sides to extend their lifespan.

There are a few downside to using both sides though:

  • Both sides aren’t exactly the same: Whilst both sides of the tournagrip have a similar dry feel, they’re not quite the same. For most people, you’re not going to notice a difference, but for some people it might be different enough to bother them.
  • Doesn’t feel the same as a new grip: When you flip over the grip, it will feel fairly new, but it won’t feel quite the same a brand new grip, especially if the first side is very worn.
  • The dirty side might mess up your replacement grip: This one isn’t a big deal but once you flip the overgrip, the worn side will now be tight up against your replacement grip and might mess it up a bit.

If you decide to use both sides of a Tourna Grip, I would recommend flipping it sooner rather than later. Tourna Grips aren’t the most durable of grips and tend to fall apart quickly. If the grip starts to fall apart, even the fresh side won’t be of much use.

You also might want to use a band rather than the sticky tape supplied with the grip as it will make it easier to flip it over, and the sticky tape might not last two uses very well.

There might be other grips that are designed to be used on both sides, but Tourna Grip is the most known and used.


To wrap it up, the side of the overgrip with the plastic cover is designed to be on the outside, however, some grips like the Tourna Grip can be used on both sides. When it comes to overgrips, the best thing you can do is experiment and find what works for you.

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