Do Tennis Pros Use Overgrips?

Overgrips are thin grips that you wrap on top of your replacement grip. They make it possible to quickly and inexpensively have a fresh grip consistently since they are less expensive and easier to replace than standard replacement grips. You may be wondering whether overgrips are used by professionals. Yes, in the modern game, the … Read more

9 Things to Know Before Applying a Tennis Overgrip

If you’ve never used an overgrip before, I would definitely recommend giving one a go. They’re super easy to replace and dry overgrips like are great for players that get sweaty hands. However, you may have some questions about using overgrips. For example, can you use multiple overgrips at a time? Or in which direction … Read more

Do You Need an Overgrip On a Tennis Racket?

When you purchase a new tennis racket, it comes with a perfectly fine grip, so you might be wondering why you would cover it with an overgrip. Everyone seems to be using them these days but are they necessary. Overgrips are not necessary, however, I recommend using an overgrip because they offer a few advantages … Read more

How Do Tennis Overgrips Work?

If you’ve never used an overgrip before, it can be a little confusing as to how they work. Your racket already has a grip on it right? So why would you put another grip over the top of it? Well, this article should clear things up. Tennis overgrips are thin strips of material that you … Read more

Which Side of the Overgrip Should I Use?

If you’re new to applying overgrips to your racket, you might be wondering which side of the overgrip you should use. The quick answer: For most overgrips, the side with the plastic covering strip should be on the outside. However, some overgrips can be used on both sides which we’ll talk about in this post. … Read more