9 Things to Know Before Applying a Tennis Overgrip

If you’ve never used an overgrip before, I would definitely recommend giving one a go. They’re super easy to replace and dry overgrips like Tourna Grips (link to Amazon) are great for players that get sweaty hands.

However, you may have some questions about using overgrips. For example, can you use multiple overgrips at a time? Or in which direction should you wrap an overgrip? Is it the same for left and right-handed players?

In this article, we’ll answer these questions and much more.

Do You Put an Overgrip Over the Original Grip?

Yes, you put an overgrip over the original grip. Overgrips are much thinner than regular grips and don’t have adhesive running down their whole length to keep it attached to the handle.

If you were to use an overgrip directly on the handle it would be very hard and uncomfortable. It would also make the grip much thinner.

Can You Use Just an Overgrip?

I would highly recommend against using just an overgrip. As already mentioned, if you were to use an overgrip as a replacement grip it would feel hard and uncomfortable, and the grip size would also decrease significantly.

However, if you want to try it out and you like how it feels, then go for it. It’s all about finding what works for you, but most people will find it uncomfortable using just an overgrip.

If you do try it out, I would recommend using multiple overgrips to pad it out a bit.

Can You Use Two Overgrips?

Yes, if you would like to increase the grip size of your tennis racket or add some extra cushioning you can use two overgrips. Keep in mind that using two overgrips will smooth out the bevels which can be detrimental to racket stability and make it harder to set your hands before you hit your shots.

In fact, Novak Djokovic has been known to use two overgrips and it’s clearly worked well for him so don’t be afraid to give it a go.

Another option for increasing grip size is to use a heat shrink sleeve. This will increase the grip size without affecting the shape of the grip.

Can You Use a Replacement Grip As an Overgrip?

You can use a replacement grip as an overgrip but it isn’t ideal. A replacement grip will significantly increase the size of your handle. If that’s what you’re going for and you like the feel then go for it. But as previously mentioned, using a heat sleeve is a better way to increase grip size.

Which Side of the Overgrip Should I Use?

When you unravel a new overgrip, one side will have a plastic covering strip. The side with the plastic covering should be on the outside. Some overgrips also have a tiny strip of adhesive at one end which helps you start applying the overgrip. This adhesive should obviously be on the inside.

Tourna Grips can be used on both sides. They do feel a little bit different on each side but you can increase their lifespan by using both sides. One thing to note is that Tourna Grips wear down quite quickly so make sure to flip it sooner rather than later because it will eventually rip and get holes will start to form which flipping won’t help.

Which Direction Should I Apply an Overgrip?

The direction of the overgrip depends on if you are right or left-handed. For right-handers, the overgrip should be wrapped counter-clockwise if you were to look down on the handle with the racket head near the floor. For left-handers, you should apply the overgrip clockwise.

One thing to keep in mind for left-handers is the direction of the replacement grip that is under the overgrip. It’s a good idea for both the overgrip and regular grip to be wrapped in the same direction. When you buy a racket, the grip will usually be applied counter-clockwise for right-handers. You might find it feels uncomfortable with the grips wrapped in opposite directions in which case you will need to replace the regular grip and wrap it clockwise to match the overgrip.

Do You Overlap an Overgrip?

Yes, you should overlap the overgrip. How much overlap comes down to personal preference. If you want to add a bit more thickness or cushioning, you should overlap the overgrip more. If you want to minimize the increase in grip size, then overlap less.

Another thing you need to think about is the length of your overgrip compared with the length of your handle. If you overlap too much, you might run out of grip before you reach the end of the handle. This isn’t necessarily a problem, especially if you have a one-handed backhand. (In fact, some players like Richard Gasquet only apply their overgrip to half of their handle.) But it might be an issue if you have a two-handed backhand in which case you will have to overlap a little less.

If you use two overgrips, you might want a very small overlap on the bottom overgrip so you don’t increase the grip size too much, and then a bit more overlap on the top layer.

Personally, I overlap my overgrips by about a quarter of the width of the overgrip, maybe even slightly less. Some players overlap up to half the overgrips width but you will struggle to cover the whole handle with this much overlap.

How Often Should You Replace an Overgrip?

Ideally, you want to replace your overgrip about once every week or two (8-10 hours of play). However, in reality, it comes down to when it doesn’t feel grippy enough for you. Players with a tighter grip might need to change their more regularly whereas those with a lighter grip might be able to use the same overgrip for up to a month.

Can You Use Electrical Tape As Finishing Tape?

Yes, electrical tape and finishing tape a very similar. One thing to note is that finishing tape is specifically designed for holding overgrips in place so you know it’s going to work pretty well. Most electrical tape will work fine but some lower quality tape might not stick quite as well.


To wrap it up, overgrips are a great addition to your tennis racket, but how you use them can be a little confusing at times. If you’re new to using overgrips, hopefully, this article has answered any questions you might have.

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